How Our Climate-Controlled Storage Can Help You

Published on 9/15/2022

Climate Controlled Storage in Spanish Fort, AL

Are you moving from just outside of Spanish Fort, AL to be closer to family? It would be incredibly frustrating to have to replace things as you go. Who needs the stress of purchasing new furniture weekly anyway? You don’t want to have to sleep on air mattresses for months before finally moving everything to your new house, either. That’s why self storage is such a convenient option, and with our climate controlled units you are well served.

No matter what type of items you plan on storing, it’s the irreplaceable things of impalpable value – like important documents, photo albums, and your artwork – that need the most protection during your move. These fragile and weather-sensitive items are better stored in a unit with a controlled environment. Temperature and humidity levels are all set in accordance with the needs of your belongings, much like homeostasis, where each parameter is supposed to maintain a certain value. For instance, if the temperature outside is too high, our climate controlled storage units stay a little colder to counterbalance things.

If you prefer a DIY move to prevent any possible delays in the moving industry, you are sure to be impressed with the climate controlled storage experience we offer. Our website is easy to use and allows our customers to make payments online 24 hours a day. We make renting storage units an easy and comfortable process with other features like customized gate codes, moving supplies, and secure units that keep pests and mold away!

How to rest assured your possessions are properly taken care of when they’re away from home? Choosing the right self storage amenities is the first step, but you must also take into consideration the experience each facility provides. We’re proud of our service and the customers are happy here due to knowing they can have a safe space without fear of losing their items or not being able to get access to them.

You can find our property at 11045 Old Highway 31, Spanish Fort, AL 36527. Feel free to contact us to find out about our climate controlled units and ask any questions you have.